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Ultimate Radiocom Quiz – Check and Upgrade Your Listening Skills

u003cpu003eu003cspan style=u0022color: #000000; font-family: georgia, palatino, serif; font-size: 12pt;u0022u003eHey guys! I’m delighted to announce that the u003cspan style=u0022color: #000080;u0022u003eu003cstrongu003eUltimate Radiocom Quizu003c/strongu003eu003c/spanu003e is now available for FluentPilot subscribers – a powerful tool to check and upgrade your listening comprehension skills!u003c/spanu003eu003c/pu003enu003cpu003eu003cspan

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Radio Communications – Alaska 340

u003cpu003eu003cspan style=u0022color: #000000;u0022u003eHello guys, here is a short radio-com audio to refresh our listening comprehension skills. This time it’s Alaska 340 approaching KSNA (supposedly). Take a listen, check the transcript if needed (there are a few parts which cannot be decyphered due to audio quality but they are not essential for understanding), do the quiz questions below.u003c/spanu003eu003c/pu003enu003cpu003eu003cspan

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April Update

u003cpu003eu003cspan style=u0022color: #000000;u0022u003eWhat’s up everyone! Have you been upgrading your aviation English skills this month?u003c/spanu003eu003c/pu003enu003cpu003eu003cspan style=u0022color: #000000;u0022u003eHere comes a traditional monthly update on what’s new here at Fluentpilot.u003c/spanu003eu003c/pu003enu003cpu003eu003cspan style=u0022color: #000000;u0022u003eSo, in April:u003c/spanu003eu003c/pu003enu003culu003enu003cliu003eu003cspan style=u0022color: #000000;u0022u003eu003cstrongu003e3u003c/strongu003e new videos were uploaded to our u003ca style=u0022color: #000000;u0022 href=u0022https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuABpsbSGRMYo8qFIFrpUjw/u0022u003eu003cstrongu003eYouTube

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