April Update

What’s up everyone! Have you been upgrading your aviation English skills this month?

Here comes a traditional monthly update on what’s new here at Fluentpilot.

So, in April:

  • 3 new videos were uploaded to our YouTube Channel, check them out if you haven’t
  • 64 out of 100 questions done on the SELCAL list – subscribe – will continue this work to facilitate your aviation exam preparation process; read more on how to arrange a self-prep processes for your SELCAL exam just being subscribed for FluentPilot
  • US Airports added to ATIS lesson of the Radio Communication Practice Course

Okay guys, more videos are to come in the near future. As we are all grounded, no real-time pilot-controller communications so far. But in the meanwhile, we will focus on upgrading level 4 to level 5 and also vocabulary building. How does that sound?

Besides, more sections are to be added to the Radio Communication Practice Course.

Feel free to share what your current concerns are, what you’re working at and topics/aspect you would like me to cover!

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