Radio Communications – Acey 700

What’s up everyone! Did you miss radiocom challenges? Here is one!

Listen to the track and answer the questions FIRST! Then consult the transcript (in case you need it at all). Not the other way around!

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How would describe what happened in there


I’m sure you’ve picked up all the digits, fill in all the missing spots:

ACEY 700 reported pounds of fuel on board and a total of souls.
ACEY 700 were cleared to descend and maintain feet.
Tower frequency .


-Buffalo, ACEY 700 with you 10 thousand feet.
-ACEY 700, Buffalo Approach, Buffalo altimeter 2993, fly heading 280 and do you need any assistance?
-Okay, repeat the heading and stand by for the rest, ACEY 700.
-ACEY 700, fly heading 280.
-Heading 280, ACEY 700.

-Approach, ACEY 700.
-ACEY 700, go ahead.
-Yeah, we’ve got flaps failed at zero degrees, we are just gonna have high ref speed, final approach speed and we will declare emergency at this time.
-ACEY 700, roger, and when you get a chance we need fuel and souls on board.
-Alright, fuel is 3700 pounds and that is about 1 hour 20 minutes and 5 0 passengers, 3 crew members, so total 53, 53.
-ACEY 700, roger.
-ACEY 700, at pilot’s discretion descend and maintain 2300.
-2300, ACEY 700.
-Approach, ACEY7, just confirming, you have the equipment standing by, we did declare emergency.
-ACEY 700, affirmative, they do have the equipment standing by.
-Roger, thanks.
-ACEY 700, contact Tower 120.5.
-[120].5 for ACEY 700, we appreciate the help tonight.
-[good day]
-Tower, good evening, ACEY 700, 2300, ILS 23.
-ACEY 700, Buffulo Tower, runway 23, cleared to land, wind 300 at 18 braking good, runway 23.
-Okay, cleared to land 23, ACEY 700.

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