Radio Communications – Delta 140

Hey you avaition English fans! Let’s see if you can spot this one! 

A nice piece from the past with a pilot and a controller having different opinions on what’s going on. Take a listen, and do the tests. As always, the transcript is available down below (I’m sure you won’t need it but just in case).

Feel free to comment. Find more radio communications in Radio Communication Practice Course.

How would you describe the problem?


Fill in the missing information:

DAL 140 was departing off runway .

According to the controller, the spacing between the aircraft was nautical miles.


– 1886, wind 320 at 18 runway 31L cleared for takeoff
– Cleared for takeoff, 1868
– Delta 140 heavy, Kennedy Tower, caution wake turbulence, runway 31L position and hold.
– Position and hold, 31L, Delta 140.
– Delta 140, wind 310 at 17, runway 31L cleared for takeoff.
– Cleared for takeoff 31L, Delta 140.

– Delta 140, contact Departure.
– Delta 140, roger. I think our spacing from … that 75 was … nautical miles when we got airborne.
– I didn’t copy that, who was it? What was it?
– Delta 140, we are []. We didn’t have the spacing on the 75 when we got airborne.
– You didn’t have what?
– Required spacing on that 75.
– I absolutely disagree please call the Tower upon landing.
– []
– Okay, you can have a company call, but that’s a heck of an accusation to make on frequency. I’m gonna check the tapes for you.
– What do you show for spacing right now?
– Right now I show 7 miles.
– Okay, well then may be something is wrong with our TCAS. Our TCAS shows about 3.5.
– I’m gonna talk to my supervisor.

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