Radio Communications – Alaska 340

Hello guys, here is a short radio-com audio to refresh our listening comprehension skills. This time it’s Alaska 340 approaching KSNA (supposedly). Take a listen, check the transcript if needed (there are a few parts which cannot be decyphered due to audio quality but they are not essential for understanding), do the quiz questions below.

Feel free to comment if you feel like. Find more radio communications in Radio Communication Practice Course.

How would you best describe the problem?


Fill in the missing information:

Alaska 340 was cleared to approach runway .

Tower frequency mentioned was .


– 5500 for 5200, heading 255.
– …117, turn right heading 270.
– Right heading 270, …117.

– N46E, turn left, heading 350.
– Turning left to 350, 46E.
– Alaska340, […] miles from […] heading 160, maintain 3000 until established on localizer, cleared ILS approach.
– 160, 3000, established cleared ILS 19R approach, Alaska340.
– N46E, turn left immediately heading 330 for traffic.
– Left immediately 330 for traffic.
– … I gave you about 350 heading, did you copy that?
– Sorry, I had 035.
– Ok, there is a 737, at your […] miles, 3000.

– …have traffic.

– Alaska340, just to an RA conflict on that traffic.
– Ok, 340, roger, not a factor now. Continue on the approach when you’re able, contact Tower 126.8
– Ok, we are readjusting the glideslope.

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