Ultimate Radiocom Quiz – Check and Upgrade Your Listening Skills

Hey guys! I’m delighted to announce that the Ultimate Radiocom Quiz is now available for FluentPilot subscribers – a powerful tool to check and upgrade your listening comprehension skills!

I personally consider RT communication in English to be one of the most demanding skills out there and I bet many of my colleagues would back me up here. It’s not in your native language, the readability is often impaired (background noises, overlapping, etc.), and local accents definitely give it some zest. Add to this a scenario where you have to communicate a non-standard situation, provide, or receive, or relay details on the event (you being all stressed up) – you will be having a hard time for sure.

So what is the Ultimate Radiocom Quiz and how can it help your upgrade your RT comprehension skills?

The Quiz is designed to be a radiocom trainer. Part I now covers more than 50 short audio tracks involving various kinds of non-standard situations like:

  • birdstrikes (and other wildlife)
  • smokes, fumes and fires
  • hardware malfunctions (stuck gear, flaps issues, shattered windshields, etc.)
  • inflight medical emergencies (involving passengers, cabin crew and pilot incapacitation)
  • lightning strikes
  • adverse weather (microbursts, strong winds, thunderstorm activity, icing, etc.)
  • unknown (and known) flying object reports
  • incursions
  • unlawful interference cases
  • and other

followed by interactive quizzes to check your understanding. Types of questions include:

  • multiple choice
  • fill in the blank
  • reorder items
  • picture choice
  • true or false

How to use the trainer?

1. Check the WORD BANK section which provides you with some active vocab for better listening experience (you will encounter the words, abbreviations or phrases in the following quiz).

2. Click TAKE QUIZ, then START QUIZ, listen to the track, pick (or type in) an answer. Mind that you won’t see the results until you complete the entire quiz (5 tracks per lesson).

3. Check the overall result, CLICK individual questions to see the correct answer and piece of transcript explaining.

4. Now to make the trainer even more powerful, go ahead and retell the situations you’ve just heard. Keep it simple, however make sure you are able to render:

  • what flight was involved (may be number, departure/destination airport),
  • phase of flight,
  • nature of emergency,
  • any specific details you remember (ex. altitudes, runways, reported souls on board & fuel remaining),
  • what would you do in a similar situation (or may be you have already been there; if yes, can you share the experience?)

Retelling a short radiocom situation (and answering examiner’s questions and building a ‘bridge’ to a wider aviation-related topic) is one of the most common challenges within many aviation English proficiency test formats, so don’t underestimate the drill. 

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