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Radio Communications – AAL 622

Hey, guys! I often hear some of colleagues having a hard time explaining even simple things over the radio. That’s of course partially due to the fact that all those abnormal-related conversations come up unexpectedly and catch us off guard.

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Ultimate Radiocom Quiz – Check and Upgrade Your Listening Skills

Hey guys! I’m delighted to announce that the Ultimate Radiocom Quiz is now available for FluentPilot subscribers – a powerful tool to check and upgrade your listening comprehension skills!

I personally consider RT communication in English to be one of the most demanding skills out there and I bet many of my colleagues would back me up here.

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Radio Communications – UAL 816

What’s everyone!

Supposedly, you are having a gear problem (say, not sure whether it’s down and locked), what would your actions be and what would you request from ATC? The following piece suggests an example of a similar situation.

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Radio Communications – Mexicana 003

Hey! One more piece for you containing a non-routine type of communications. Would you choose to take off if you were advised of a problem like that? Comment below!

Do a mini-quiz afterwards and check the transcript if you need.

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