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Radio Communications – Hydraulic Issues

Hydraulic system failures or hydraulic leaks are quite common, would you agree? And despite redundancy of modern commercial aircraft, those kind of scenarios may cause serious trouble to the crew. Let’s take a look at several lost-hydraulics situations, practice listening comprehesion and, as always, check our progress by completing quiz questions.

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Radio Communications – AAL 622

Hey, guys! I often hear some of colleagues having a hard time explaining even simple things over the radio. That’s of course partially due to the fact that all those abnormal-related conversations come up unexpectedly and catch us off guard.

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Ultimate Radiocom Quiz – Check and Upgrade Your Listening Skills

Hey guys! I’m delighted to announce that the Ultimate Radiocom Quiz is now available for FluentPilot subscribers – a powerful tool to check and upgrade your listening comprehension skills!

I personally consider RT communication in English to be one of the most demanding skills out there and I bet many of my colleagues would back me up here.

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Radio Communications – UAL 816

What’s everyone!

Supposedly, you are having a gear problem (say, not sure whether it’s down and locked), what would your actions be and what would you request from ATC? The following piece suggests an example of a similar situation.

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Radio Communications – Mexicana 003

Hey! One more piece for you containing a non-routine type of communications. Would you choose to take off if you were advised of a problem like that? Comment below!

Do a mini-quiz afterwards and check the transcript if you need.

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