Ultimate Radiocom Quiz

Welcome to the ultimate radiocom listening comprehension trainer with more than 50 short audio tracks encompassing pilot-controller interactions in various non-normals like:

  • birdstrikes
  • smokes, fumes and fires
  • hardware malfunctions (stuck gear, flaps issues, shattered windshields, etc.)
  • inflight medical emergencies (involving passengers, cabin crew and pilot incapacitation)
  • lightning strikes
  • adverse weather (microbursts, strong winds, thunderstorm activity, icing, etc.)
  • unknown (and known) flying object reports
  • incursions
  • unlawful interference cases
  • and other

Each lesson contains a short intro (a ‘word bank’ and some general remarks) and a quiz of 5 short tracks. Types of questions include:

  • multiple choice
  • fill in the blank
  • reorder items
  • picture choice
  • true or false

Quiz reviews with answers and transcripts of the most crutial parts of pilot-controller conversations are available upon completion of each quiz (lesson).

Go ahead and try out Lesson 1  – discover the powerful tool to boost your radiocommunication listening skills and get yourself ready for an aviation English proficiency test!

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