Radio Communications — Acey 700

Приветули! Соскучились по радиообмену? А вот и он!

СНАЧАЛА слушаем аудио, и отвечаем на вопросы. Только потом смотрим расшифровку (если вообще нужна). Не наоборот!

Можно комментировать и оставлять лайки!

P.S. Тренировать радиообмен (вопросы/задания/расшифровки) можно в курсе Radio Communication Practice Course.

How would describe what happened in there


I’m sure you’ve picked up all the digits, fill in all the missing spots:

ACEY 700 reported pounds of fuel on board and a total of souls.
ACEY 700 were cleared to descend and maintain feet.
Tower frequency .


-Buffalo, ACEY 700 with you 10 thousand feet.
-ACEY 700, Buffalo Approach, Buffalo altimeter 2993, fly heading 280 and do you need any assistance?
-Okay, repeat the heading and stand by for the rest, ACEY 700.
-ACEY 700, fly heading 280.
-Heading 280, ACEY 700.

-Approach, ACEY 700.
-ACEY 700, go ahead.
-Yeah, we’ve got flaps failed at zero degrees, we are just gonna have high ref speed, final approach speed and we will declare emergency at this time.
-ACEY 700, roger, and when you get a chance we need fuel and souls on board.
-Alright, fuel is 3700 pounds and that is about 1 hour 20 minutes and 5 0 passengers, 3 crew members, so total 53, 53.
-ACEY 700, roger.
-ACEY 700, at pilot’s discretion descend and maintain 2300.
-2300, ACEY 700.
-Approach, ACEY7, just confirming, you have the equipment standing by, we did declare emergency.
-ACEY 700, affirmative, they do have the equipment standing by.
-Roger, thanks.
-ACEY 700, contact Tower 120.5.
-[120].5 for ACEY 700, we appreciate the help tonight.
-[good day]
-Tower, good evening, ACEY 700, 2300, ILS 23.
-ACEY 700, Buffulo Tower, runway 23, cleared to land, wind 300 at 18 braking good, runway 23.
-Okay, cleared to land 23, ACEY 700.

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