Radio Communications – UAL 816

¡Hola chicos! Aquí hay otra pista de audio para que practiquen la comprensión auditiva.

Supposedly, you are having a gear problem (say, not sure it’s down and locked), what would your actions be and what would you request from ATC? The following piece suggests an example of a similar situation.

There’s no quiz today as the audio is pretty simple. Find the trascript below, as usual. And more radio communication practice activities at Radio Communication Practice Course or the Ultimate Radiocom Quiz.

-Approach, United 816, holding at LUCIA at 12 thousand.
-United 816, roger, maintain 12 thousand. Let me know when you are ready to go back to the station or…it’s OK with your problem.
-OK, we’ll let you know and just be advised that we’re gonna need to fly by the tower and have them look at our nose gear. It’s a possibility it could be 90 degrees off.
-Do you want to stay in the holding for a while?
-We are almost ready to shoot an approach but we want to fly by the tower, have them look at our nose gear and come back around and land.
-OK, do you want to make a low pass right now?
-Yes, affirmative, we’ll make a low pass and there will be a couple more minutes before exit the holding, United 816.
-OK, United 816, fly heading 140.
-Heading 140, United 816.

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