Radio Communications — Mexicana 003


Интересный пример нестандартных (non-routine/non-standard) разговоров между пилотом и диспетчером. А Вы бы приняли решение на взлет в такой ситуации?

Тест-коропуля в конце, чтобы не нарушать традицию 😉 Расшифровка, как всегда, чтобы проверить себя (ПОСЛЕ прослушивания и ответа на вопрос).

Еще больше материалов для тренировки понимания англоязычного радиообмена — в Radio Communication Practice Course

Can you sum up what happened there?


-United 839L, position and hold 13R, maintain 4000 after departure.
-Position and hold 13R, maintain 4000. There is quite a bit a fuel on the right side of intersection.
-Actually we get airport authority out there to clean that up. Do you think it’s gonna be an issue?
-It looks like it's off the edge of the taxiway though.
-Mexicana 003 are you sure everything is OK and you are ready to go?
-It’s affirmative Mexicana 003.
-Alright, Mexicana 003 wind 160 at 9, runway 13R, cleared for takeoff.
-Cleared for takeoff, 13R, Mexicana 003, thank you.
-As he rolled past our [..] we could see a leak coming out of the right wing.
-[Southwest], you say you saw something too?
-When he was abeam us there was something coming out of the top of the right wing.
-Probably just running fuel.
-Out of the top?
-Out of the top.
-Hail Mary.
-Alright, Mexicana 003 are you copying this conversation on the frequency?
-Yes, sir and I’m looking at it right now. I’ll let you know the intentions.
-As you went past the tower, it appeared that there was…you were trailing. Some type of white vapor.
-OK, thank you, I’m looking at it right now, thank you.
-Alright, Mexicana 003 contact Departure 135.9 and you can advise him if you need to return.
-I sure will, Mexicana 003, 135.9, thank you.

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