Maintain Level 4

We are delighted to introduce the Maintain Level 4 Course!

It is the first part in a series of courses developed by a professional aviation English teacher, Ms Liza Kazachkova, to help you maintain your skills in aviation English. It is designed to be completed within a two-week period, an average learning pace considered. 

Who is it for?

You need Maintain Level 4 if:

  • you have recently passed ICAO English proficiency test and want to maintain your skills
  • you feel that you need some practice in aviation English, but you are confused about what exactly you should do
  • you are preparing for your next ICAO test ahead of time and need to brush up on your vocabulary
  • you want to improve your comprehension, structure and vocabulary in aviation English context

What results should you expect?

Upon completion of the course you are expected to:

  • improve your comprehension of English and American native speech
  • refresh and expand your aviation English vocabulary on the focus subjects
  • practice structure in aviation English context
  • understand how to use Youtube videos to maintain your Aviation English skills

How big is the course?

Maintain Level 4 Course structure:

  • 6 Units: 2 Video Lessons in each (12 Lessons)
  • Only authentic video content
  • 1 explainer + 1 air crash case videos on the same subject in each Section
  • Key vocabulary and expressions for each lesson
  • up to 5-minute-long Videos
  • Each Video Lesson contains between 18 and 25 tasks on Comprehension, Vocabulary, Structure and Word Order
  • Final Quiz to review the active vocab
  • Multiple covered aviation-related topics (check out the content below)

What will I have to do?

  • Watch the videos
  • Complete tasks as you watch
  • Repeat as many times as necessary to improve your results

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