How to make the best out of this course

Hi and welcome again!

The idea behind the Maintain Level 4 Course is to demosntrate how you can use the powerful potential of YouTube to maintain some of your aviation English skills.

Each lesson of this course will contain a video and some extra content. As you watch, you will be presented with tasks to train your Comprehension, Vocabulary and Structure. If you get it wrong, you may try again or request correct answer. After each task, click Continue.

icao level 4

Don’t forget to check the Must-have Vocab section to get a copy of selected words and collocations for the Lesson. You may also check the transcript, but make sure you try the tasks first.

Playback the lesson video as many times as you wish. Choose a learning pace that is the most comfortable for you. 

Feel free to use the Comments section in each lesson should you have any questions or need assistance.

Have fun learning!