March Update

Hey, everyone!

We all have been grounded lately and bound to stay at home. On the bright side though (I’m sure one can always find positive aspects no matter how hard the situation is), there is more time for personal development. So why not avail ourselves of this opportunity and work on our aviation English skills. And get ourselves ready for the SELCAL test!

I’m sure you are smart enough to pull yourself together and arrange the learning process from your home.

SELCAL Test Unveiled Course and FluentPilot.RU will help you with that.

We keep posting short answers to the SELCAL question list on our Instagram. As of today more than 50 question out of 100 have been broken down for you. And we’ll continue this work.

Here is what have been updated in the course during the last couple of months:

  • news reports transcripts added for test scenarios (marked *) (part 3 of the exam);
  • debriefing questions broken down for you with sample answers provided;
  • major update of the scripts and audio tracks to better suit the exam versions.

Here is the lucky formula:

SELCAL course + our Instagram posts =
= get everything you need for a decent self-prep

I keep saying this, regularity is the key to your progress in foreign languages (or any other field, really).

Get in touch with us in any of the social media should you need help, opinion or a piece of advice on how to improve your aviation English. Frankly, you don’t use this option that much, guys!

As promissed, there are new training videos to come, and we are about to launch the Radio Communication Practice Course real soon, so stay tuned!

Still reading? Nooice! Here comes a bonus for you!

Self-isolation have been prolonged till April 14 (at least in Moscow). No easy time for all of us. So a little something we can do to cheer you up guys is to cut 30% off the SELCAL Unveiled Bundle course. Use STAY@HOME coupon at the checkout page.


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