2015 Was the Safest Year by Aviation Safety Network

Несложный текст от ASN, но с актуальной статистикой по авиакатастрофам за 2015 год. Оригинал статьи (с инфографикой) можно найти по ссылке http://news.aviation-safety.net/2016/01/01/despite-high-profile-accidents-2015-was-the-safest-year-ever-according-to-asn-data/

По традиции, в конце текста – вопросы.

Despite high profile accidents, 2015 was the safest year ever according to ASN data

The Aviation Safety Network today released the preliminary 2015 airliner accident statistics showing a record low total of 16 fatal airliner accidents, resulting in 560 fatalities.… Read more