Here is a couple of words on the much-vaunted SELCAL aviation English test and how the FluentPilot can assist in the preparation process.

There are three basic parts.

The first one is a short interview and discussion of aviation-related topic. There is a pool of about 200 questions, 100 for ICAO level 4 and 5 candidates, correspondingly. ICAO level 5 question are more in-depth, have slightly more comlex grammar/wording/lexic. The discussion of quesiont may go on after the ‘mock flight’, however, they will most likely be related to those abnormal situations that will turn out to be on the flight scenario.

Don’t get scared right away. Firstly, the answer does not imply a lengthy rendering of a memorized topic. Supposedly, two-three adequately articulated sentances is quite enough. Secondly, many of the questions on the list are very close and correlate to a large extent. Fro instance, when talking about adverse weather conditions for flying and what can suspend airport operations, you can easily touch upon the same very adverse weather phenomena.

The question list for ICAO level 4 candidates is available here.

The question list for ICAO level 5 candidates is available here.


How can FluentPilot help you with these questions?

As of September 2019 at our Instagram-account we work through three weekly topics from the question list!

Sing up and follow the prep process with us!

The second part is a ‘mock flight’. As a rule, 1 out of 12 from the short list of the SELCAL app). You can get a grasp of the format by view the demo video available on YouTube. The examiner is reading the controller’s part, visual prompt (maps, chart, non-normal situation challenges) are available on the computer screen. The Occidental scenarios (i.e. routes in Korea, Thailand, China) appear to be the most difficult for understanding.


How can FluentPilot help you with the routes?

The SELCAL Test Unveiled Course (two parts) offers transcrips of 26+2 mock flights, ATIS reporst, sample pilots’ responses, extra examiner’s questions with sample answers.

Read more about SELCAL Test Unveiled Course in this post.

Part 3 is a discussion of a piece of news about your flight and what exactly happened under the scenario. You will be offered a news report which will however contain fake facts (wrong flight number, incorrect information about the crew or the abnormal situation). The task is to correct these mistakes. Usually, two-three setnances is also enough. And as it was already mentioned, the discussion of aviation related questions may continue here, even more so if you are an ICAL level 5 candidate.

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