FluentPilot’s mission

Looking for a job in commercial aviation? It's high time you started learning English then! It might sound surprising but today a decent knowledge of English and the minimum of fluency is exactly what the aviation industry will require from you, would you be applying for the job in Russia, China, Brazil, or elsewhere around the globe.       

Seriously, ICAO Level 4 English – the least that you should have on your license – would hardly impress the employer and is rather considered as a must to just get formally qualitied for an airline interview.

However, being employed in commercial aviation means you have a really good command of both plain and technical English, and are capable of working with complex manuals and reference books, conducting radio communication, and, more importantly, communicating with colleagues in English in any situation and under any circumstances in the air or on the ground.

So, FluentPilot is the tool that will help you boost your aviation English skills.

Who is FluentPilot for?

We hope a wide range of aviation-related professionals will benefit from this resource, including:

- flight students;
- pilots, air traffic controllers, cabin crew;
- anyone who is keen on aviation and is eager to advance in aviation English;
- professional linguists.

What is our motivation?

Our goal is to share the competences we have in aviation English with anyone who might need this help. We also want to “infect” you, aviation professionals, with an idea that English, as well as any other foreign language, is worth working at all the time, literally, every day. And that this process may be fun and fascinating.