SELCAL Test Unveiled I

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Category: Course: SELCAL Test Unveiled (I)

It’s not a big secret the SELCAL trainer for the Russian most popular aviation English test is available in the internet. But has that made your life any easier? 🙂 If you’re not sure you can crack down ‘what they say there’ in Bangkok, or Pattaya, or Beijing, etc., here is the answer to your problem.

The entire SELCAL Unveiled course offers:

  • 26+2 re-recorded audio tracks from the SELCAL exam trainer;
  • detailed transcripts;
  • sample pilot answers;
  • course instructor’s notes to each lesson;
  • debrifing questions with sample answers;
  • news‘ containing mistakes for correction;
  • advisory support through lesson comments and personal feedback to resolve bottlenecks of your exam preparation process.

This very Part I of the SELCAL Test Unveiled Course contains the breakdown of the following routes:

  1. Tel Aviv TSO 301
  2. Tel Aviv TSO 302
  3. London TSO 353
  4. London TSO 444
  5. Beijing KHB 319
  6. Beijing KHB 330
  7. U-Tapao KHB 9005
  8. U-Tapao KHB 9006
  9. Seattle AFL 810
  10. Seattle AFL 7409
  11. San Francisco AFL 809
  12. Anchorage AFL 809
  13. Seoul UPS 6991

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